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Comunications Services in Ecuador

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Ecuador has a complete telephonic network that covers almost all the national territory including the Galapagos Islands. Big cities and towns have a good telephonic service so calling in and outside the country isn't complicated.You can find public phones in most of the public buildings in Quito, Guayaquil and the capital cities in each province. Also, there are call-centers in centric places where you can use the phone service at cheap rates.This call-centers are very popular in small towns and usually you may find fax service and sometimes internet.In Ecuador is very common to find telephones at small grocery stores located in each neighborhood. There aren't specific rates for this services, so it depends mostly in the owner of the phone.


Ecuador Phone Codes

593 is the phone code for Ecuador if you are calling from another country

These are the phone codes of the 22 Ecuadorian provinces:

Azuay 07
Bolívar 03
Carchi 06
Cañar 07
Chimborazo 03
Cotopaxi 03
El Oro 07
Esmeraldas 06
Galápagos 05
Guayas 04
Imbabura 06
Loja 07
Los Ríos 05
Manabí 05
Morona 07
Napo 06
Orellana 06
Pastaza 03
Pichincha 02
Sucumbíos 06
Tungurahua 03
Zamora 07

Phone codes are not necessary in local calls.

This are the phone codes of the biggest cities

Quito 02
Guayaquil 04
Cuenca 07


Cellular and mobile telephones

There is an effective coverage of cellular phone service through the entire Country. Despite our difficult geography, it's possible to communicate from remote areas such as the Amazon jungle or the Galapagos Islands, but some isolated places like the highlands or the mangroves may be a little bit harder. At the international airports or at the cellular phone shops you can rent mobile telephones.Cellular phone cabins are also very common. They work with cards, and you may find these cabins and the cards at gas stations, restaurants, streets, malls and airports.



The internet is also very popular in all the cities and towns. There are hundreds of "coffee-nets" in the commercial and touristic areas that offer net2phone, email, internet and fax services at very reasonable prices.Internet is expanding very fast and is easy to find at least one computer center at any neighborhood of a big city. Service in this places is better in touristic areas, and the rates may depend on the category of the computer center, but rates are cheap most of the times.



The traditional mail service is pretty good too. In urban centers it is faster and more effective rather than in small country-side towns so it's better to wait until you reach a post office to send a card or a box. Mailboxes are not very common but in Ecuador, so you may have to find the post offices. Also at many hotels you will find this service.Mail is cheap compared to other countries in the region. There are also many private mail companies and their rates may vary depending on the service.


| Telephone | Phone Codes |
| Celullar Telephones | Internet | Mail |

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