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Between Fire and Snow

With its temperate, wet, and cool climate, this province, lying to the south of Cotopaxi, is known for its towering peaks, its Carnival festivities, and its fruit and flower production. Handmade leather goods are another one of its riches. The town of Baños is one of the gateways to the Amazon.

Ambato - The City of Leather

Ambato, the provincial capital of Tungurahua, is most well known for its Carnival celebrations during which bullfights and parades turn the city into the nation’s most festive city towards the end of February. Located just two hours from Quito, Ambato is locally known as the Land of Flowers and Fruit and has traditionally been one of the Andes main trading centers. Ambato is also well known for its abundant production of artisan products, especially leather goods. Places of interest in Ambato are the Juan Montalvo and Colegio Bolívar museums where collections of archeological artifacts and scientific displays await the visitor. Also worth visiting is Montalvo’s house with its impressive ethnographic collection. Noteworthy churches include the Cathedral, San Francisco, Santo Domingo, La Merced, La Medalla Milagrosa, and the Padres Josefinos Temple.


Ba?os - A Paradise in the Mountains

With its friendly people, well developed tourist infrastructure, lush surroundings, ideal location, and delicious cuisine, Baños de Agua Santa is one of the nation’s most popular destinations and gateways to the Amazon. Located on the eastern slopes of the Andes, Baños is the departure point for trips to jungle destinations such as Puyo, Misahuallí, and the waterfalls of Agoyán, Inés María and the famous Pailón del Diablo, as well as to the Andean peaks of Tungurahua and El Altar. Offering endless opportunities to the ecotourist, Baños is a center for various adventure sports such as kayaking, trekking, and mountain biking. Other attractions include the Virgen de Agua Santa Sanctuary and the various thermal hot springs in the area.


Towns and Villages

San Pedro de Pelileo has become a hotspot for the production of artisan products as well as being an industrial textile center producing denim clothes. The community of Salasaca, famous for their woolen and sisal rugs and wall hangings, is also a popular tourist destination . Píllaro, to the northeast of the province, is the gateway to the mysterious Llanganates and is famous for its pear, peach, and plum crops. Patate is also a large agricultural center producing delicious avocados, babacos, tree tomatoes, mandarins, limes, and grapes. Quero, Mocha ,and Tisaleo are other important farming communities near Pelileo.



This province is full of spectaculaly beautiful towering peaks and active volcanoes that are ideal for climbing, some of which include Tungurahua (5087 m), Carihuairazo (5020 m), Cerro Hermoso (4571 m), and Sagatoa (4153 m).


Sangay National Park

This park stretches from the Andes to the Amazon, with its 520 thousand hectares covering much of the provinces of Chimborazo and Morona Santiago. The reserve's elevation varies between 800-5400 m and the reserve's most impressive peaks include Sangay, el Altar, and Tungurahua. Many diverse species of wildlife can be found here such as mountain dantas, spectacled bears, and ocelots. The temperature varies between 6 and 24 degrees centigrade.


Llanganates National Park - The Incas' Treasure

This huge reserve (219707 hectares) covers an area larger than that of Cotopaxi, Napo and Pastaza provinces put together. The park consists mainly of Andean forests and exuberant Amazonian forests but the main attraction are the mountainous Llanganates, of which Cerro Hermoso and Pisayambo lake system form a part. Legend has it that Atahualpa's ransom in gold was hidden here hundreds of years ago.



Llapingachos (potato cakes) served with fried eggs and sausages are typical fare in Ambato. Grilled guinea pig is also popular in Mocha and Pelileo while Ba?os is famous for its sugar cane candies.


Map of Tungurahua, Ecuador
Province's Capital Road Cities
Thermal Waters Hiking Sangay


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