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Ministry of Tourism
THE MINISTRY OF TOURISM More About the Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Information and Tourism was created on August 10, 1992, at the onset of Sixto Duran Ballen’s presidential term. Sixto saw tourism as a fundamental activity for the economic and social development of the provinces. In June 1994, following the growth of the tourist sector, it was decided that tourism should be separated from the dissemination of information in order to be able to focus entirely on stimulating and strengthening the tourism industry. For more information on about the Ministry, check out our Who We Are and What We Do sections.


TOURISM AND DEVELOPMENT More About Tourism & Development

Ecuador is a country with endless natural riches. The geographic and climatic diversity of its four regions have given rise to thousands of unique species of flora and fauna. All in all, Ecuador is home to at least 4,500 species of butterfly, 345 reptile species, 358 species of amphibians, and 258 mammal species, among others, many of which are protected by the State’s 26 protected areas. Teeming with so much life, it is no wonder that Ecuador is one of the planet’s top 17 most biodiverse nations. Moreover, Ecuador is not only diverse with respect to its wildlife. The nation is also home to dozens of indigenous groups that still maintain their traditional cultures and lifestyles.


LEGAL BACKGROUND More Ministry Legal Background

The new Ecuadorian Tourism Law is designed to develop one of the most prosperous industries in the world and protect the tourist as the consumer. As Rocío Vázquez, the Minister of Tourism said “...excellent service is the best form of promotion a country can offer.”


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