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History of Ecuador More About Ecuadorian History

Ecuador’s rich history is a tumultuous one that goes back thousands of years to the time when tribes migrating from Asia arrived in what is now Ecuador.


Geography More About Ecuador's Geograpy

Due to its location and unique geographical features, Ecuador is home to varied landscapes with infinite soil types, ecosystems, and microclimates. In this tiny nation’s 22 provinces – divided into 4 basic regions - you’ll find tropical islands, towering snowcapped peaks, extensive paramos, sandy beaches, and simmering jungle.


Climate and Weather Information More About Climate & Weather

The geographical diversity of Ecuador means that there are a number of different climates and microclimates in the country’s four regions. Temperatures vary according to elevation and the location of the cities and towns. Photograph by A.T.


Ecology More About Ecuador Ecology

Ecologically, Ecuador is one of the richest countries on the planet. The amazing biodiversity throughout the nation's various regions means that there are thousands of unique species of flora and fauna in Ecuador. Photo by A.T.


Nature More About Ecuador Nature

Rich in biodiversity, Ecuador's natural attractions are endless from the depths of the Amazon to the peaks of the Andes, not to mention the unforgettable Galapagos Islands. Nature abounds in Ecuador protected by a system of national parks and reserves. Photo by A.T.


Culture More About Ecuadorian Culture

Several different indigenous nationalities continue to live their traditional lifestyles in rural villages and towns throughout the nation. In the cities, you find mainly mestizos, African Ecuadorians, and whites. Photo by V.B.


Economy More About Ecuador's Economy

Rich in natural resources with a well-developed industrial, Ecuador exports products to countries all over the world, facilitated by trading agreements and partnerships with countries worldwide. Modern with a well-developed tourist infrastructures, the nation’s larger cities offer all the services you might need. Photo by A.D.C.


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