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About Us

| Who We Are | Mission & Values | Teamwork | Priorities |

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Who We Are

The Ministry of Information and Tourism was created on August 10, 1992, at the onset of Sixto Duran Ballen’s presidential term. Sixto saw tourism as a fundamental activity for the economic and social development of the provinces. In June 1994, following the growth of the tourist sector, it was decided that tourism should be separated from the dissemination of information in order to be able to focus entirely on stimulating and strengthening the tourism industry. Later, in August 1999, during Jamil Mahuad’s presidency, the Ministry of Tourism merged with the Ministry of Foreign Trade. In February 2000, President Gustavo Noboa decided to once again separate the Ministry and this time to merge it with the Ministry of the Environment. However, in April of the same year, an Executive Decree ordered the separation of the two ministries. As a result, the Ministry of Tourism has since worked independently as the country’s highest body for tourism. This state department has since been restructured and modernized to better achieve its mission.


Mission, Vision, and Values

The Ministry of Tourism’s mission is to promote the economic, social, and environmental development of Ecuador through the promotion of competitiveness in tourist services by means of participatory and joint processes. The vision involves being recognized as a leader in sustainable tourism development in South America, along with consolidating the success of tourism in Ecuador through a decentralized, effective, and efficient model of public management. Its principal values are:
  • Ethics and transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Vocation of service
  • Commitment to the country’s sustainable development
  • Conservation of Ecuador’s environment and cultural heritage
  • Continuous improvement
  • Preserving Ecuador’s identity and its cultural diversity
  • Inter-institutional and inter-sector cooperation
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Proactive attitude



  • Institutional Management Committee: this facilitates the Ministry’s technical and administrative management, defining policies, strategies, and plans so as to contribute to the accomplishment of the Ministry’s mission.
  • Internal Auditing: using a variety of control mechanisms, this guarantees that the institutional management is carried out effectively and efficiently and in compliance with current laws and regulations.
  • Legal Advisory Department: this helps to facilitate institutional management and to provide efficient and timely legal and/or judicial advice to the Ministry of Tourism and its dependencies.
  • Department of Social Communication and Public Relations: this administers an efficient system of inter-institutional communication on a national and international level, defining the institution’s image and informing the public on the activities of the Ministry in support of the country’s tourist development.
  • Undersecretaryship of Tourism: these contribute to the development of the country’s tourist sector by offering consultancy to the maximum authority and monitoring the activities of the Ministry’s operative and production units.
  • Undersecretaryship of Administration and Finance: this contributes to the facilitation of institutional management, providing an advisory service to the maximum authority on administrative, financial, and IT matters, with the aim of reaching the institution’s mission, vision, and aims and ensuring a continuous process of modernization.


Key priorities

  • To plan, regulate, promote, encourage and facilitate the establishment, organization, functioning and control of the national tourist system.
  • To formulate, direct and execute tourist policies at a national level.
  • To establish mechanisms and develop actions which allow the concession of incentives and benefits in order to promote tourist activity within the country.
  • To regulate the rational use of the country’s tourist resources.
  • To elaborate, guide, support and execute projects which foster the development of tourism, eco-tourism and every kind of tourism related to nature.
  • To maintain reciprocal relations with international tourism organisms and development entities.



| Who We Are | Mission & Values | Teamwork | Priorities |

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