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Ecuador Nature
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Ecuador Nature

Just outside of Ecuador’s principle cities, the traveler finds encounter extensive areas protected by the State as well as by private organizations such as universities and ecological and scientific groups. The diversity of the four regions has given rise to the evolution of thousands of species of flora and fauna, all of which now thrive in a variety of diverse ecosystems.

Ecuador boasts approximately 1,640 species of birds, 500 of which are found in the Mindo-Nambillo Protected Forest to the northwest of Quito. In addition, Ecuador is home to 4,500 species of butterflies, 345 species of reptiles, 358 species of amphibians, and 258 species of mammals, among others With so much wildlife in such a small space, it’s no surprise that Ecuador is one of the planet’s top 17 nations with respect to biodiversity.

In all corners of Ecuador, national parks such as Cotopaxi, Sangay, and Machalilla abound. Mountains, snowcapped peaks, lakes, lagoons, and beaches are all found within 24 areas protected by the State, including dozens of vast green forest belts, marked here and there with terracotta patches resulting from the variety of colors present in the foliage. In order to reach some of the ecological reserves, national parks, and recreation areas, it is often necessary to hike long distances, often crossing paramos and rivers. The spectacular settings of the different zones reveal themselves in an impressive demonstration of rich flora and fauna. The majority of sites require the assistance of contracted guides, with the exception of the few areas where there are marked trails. Visitors should take care not to alter the ecosystem. It is prohibited to light fires, drop litter, or to remove plants or animals.

Due to the nation’s diverse microclimates, it’s possible to try your hand at a variety of adventure sports – from diving to mountain climbing to rafting to mountain biking – while in Ecuador.

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